Apart from urban agglomerations and art centers, the Festival of Regions has been exploring and conquering a region or a place in Upper Austria every two years since 1993. Current site-specific art from all fields is linked to the cultural, social and historical identity of the respective region and condensed with international, supraregional and local participations to an unmistakable festival program.
With this year’s theme « Social Warmths », the festival essentially addresses the social dimension of art and culture and includes citizens as « citizens artists » in the design and implementation. Participation and inclusion, awareness for contemporary art and culture, as well as strengthening regional initiatives are the main goals of the festival.
The festival is breaking new ground by organizing and conducting open dialogues, cultural workshops and participative initiatives with the citizens in advance and during the festival.
In addition to numerous contemporary art and cultural projects, this year offers large-scale participatory projects, such as the opening concert in Perg initiated by the artistic group Ondamarela.
The Festival of Regions is one of the most prestigious regional art and culture festivals in Austria. Take part, join in, visit us:

Festival der Regionen