Meet the artists in the Danish project

Although we had to postpone the final part of Centriphery in Denmark from May to November 2020 due to COVID-19 – our four lovely artists still keep the spirit and energy high. Meet them here where they introduce each other.

The second residency in Mrkopalj, Croatia

It is dark outside and a lot colder than our first visit. It is February. We arrive for our second residency in Mrkopalj. Besides the colder weather, everything seems the same. There is still no snow and there are still no tourists. Helena, the woman responsible for the hostel is waiting for us outside, just…


Centriphery in Denmark Sep 2019-Nov 2020

The project in DenmarkIn Denmark, the Centriphery project moved into the district of Sydhavn, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen. In close collaboration with the local partner Sydhavn Theatre, the residents of Sydhavn, four handpicked international artists, and local artists initiated events during autumn 2019, spring and autumn 2020. Artists settled in Sydhavnen three timesThe…



A story about our first residency in Mrkopalj Written by Saskia de Haas A beginning of a collaboration is always exciting. You never know what to expect, where to start and how the collaboration will succeed. You never know if there is a connection with the other artist, with the village and with the people…