Centriphery is a collaborative project between nine partner organisations based across Europe.

As every periphery is its own centre, Centriphery will give the citizens of the so-called “periphery” a central voice in exploration and transformation of local myths and empower them to participate in the re-creation of ocal identities and European narratives.

Centriphery is a multi-layered interdisciplinary, inclusive and inter-generational creative European project that will engage professional international artists in an intensive dialogue with local artists and participating citizens in decentralised regions. Using the local myths and narratives as a bridge to the future, Centriphery will develop various performative and artistic creations incorporating an interdisciplinary and participatory community-driven approach.

Led by the Festival of Regions (Austria), this large-scale European project gathers 8 partners: New Culture Foundation (Bulgaria), Dansehallerne (Denmark), Espoo City Theater (Finland), La Manufacture Collectif Contemporain (France), Rijeka 2020 (Croatia), Cultura Nova Festival (Netherlands), Walk & Talk (Azores, Portugal) and Prin Banat (Romania).


Centriphery is funded by each partner organisation and Creative Europe.

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