WORKSHOPPING in Espoo, Finland

The artistic working group in Espoo is made up of five artists: Matija Kezele from Croatia, Fred Nevche from France, and Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Anna-Mari Karvonen from Finland. The artistic team prepared a workshop that was held at Omnia, a local Espoo education provider, in October 2021. The workshop participants were Omnia’s visual arts students. In workshops, concrete examples were used to…


Afis Youth Everlasting Show

Fantasy World Arrives in the Liberty Square of Timisoara

« Everlasting Youth & Life Without End » is a theatre show with giant puppets and live music, which will premiere between July 23-25, 2021, in the Liberty Square of Timișoara. From Friday until Sunday, starting at 9 pm, the square will be transformed into a world of fantasy, in which each present element has a special…


Centriphery: international and local artists will stage one of the most beloved Romanian fairy tales, in Timisoara

Theater props, illustration, poster art, contemporary dance, and music workshops, artistic residencies, art installations, public debates, a theater show and an international symposium – all this will take place between July and October 2021, in Timisoara and other localities from Timiș county, within the European Centriphery project, implemented in Romania by the Prin Banat Association.